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The Practice

Aptar is the portuguese word for the verb "to apt". Comes from the latin word "aptare", that means to fit, prepare and adapt. Aptar Arquitetura is a practice specialized in architectural and product design and construction menagement based in Belo Horizonte, capital of the Minas Gerais state in Brazil.


Established in 2011 with the desire to provide work with harmonious coexistence between architecture, inserted space and users. 


Our philosophy

Each project is unique and specific. Believing in that affirmative, Aptar produces a plural architecture, where global issues such as construction techniques and sustainability are adapted to local circmstances, like culture and regional singularities. This posture allows for individual analysis of demand and context, without formulae or pre-established concepts.


Work method


We work with partnerships and collaborations with professionals from various fields of knowledge, in order to provide an ever innovative approach to a wide range of scales and design programs. Rationality, contemporary approach, technique and originality are the values we defend.


The values held in our projects have been recognized by publications and awards. We highlight the 2008 Opera Prima National Competition - Braskem PVC Award and publications in relevant portals such as Galeria da Arquitetura and ArchDaily.

2023-02-07 André BNI (13) b.jpg

André Pinto, Lead Architect

Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade FUMEC (2007) and undergraduate in Civil Construction Technology and Management from UFMG School of Engineering em 2012.

Winner of the 2008 Opera Prima National Student Competition.


Aptar Arquitetura's Founding partner and Lead Architect since 2011.


Professor at Centro Universitário UNA, teaching in the "Interior and Landscape Design" Undergraduate course (2017-2021).

Deputy Counselor for the COMAM – Belo Horizonte  City Hall Environmental Council (2016),


Secretary-General at AEAEEUFMG - UFMG School of Engineering Alumni Association since 2009.

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